The SatLink product line includes multiple VSAT indoor unit (IDU) options. They are fully compliant with the DVB-RCS2 and DVB-RCS standard. Each IDU support DVB-S and DVB-S2 forward links, have the same symbol rates and FEC options on forward and return links, and are based on the same core hardware architecture, offering high throughput bandwidth efficiency, advanced QoS, traffic engineering and other extensive software features. 

The SatLink 2000 VSAT offers a cost-effective DVB-RCS2 certified VSAT modem for DVB-S2 forward links, routing and QoS.

The SatLink 2910 VSAT is a high-performance VSAT modem for DVB-S2/DVB-RCS2 carrier-class satellite networks, providing high IP throughput for a single TDM/TDMA VSAT. With ACM on all carriers and advanced QoS support for all media types, it is ideal for demanding carrier networks and professional applications.

The SatLink 2910 Mobile VSAT provides advanced capabilities required for land and sea deployments, including global roaming for continuous two-way satellite communications. Internet access, VoIP, GSM over IP and video conferencing are common applications of its powerful mobile features.

All SatLink VSAT IDUs connect to user networks via industry-standard Ethernet ports, provide integrated power for the outdoor unit, and support both local and remote management options via standard protocols. Ku-, C-, Ka- and other bands are supported by the SatLink VSAT IDUs, as are a variety of antenna options.